What is TalkSession?

TalkSession is a growing online network of leading mental health professionals. We are building advanced web-based and mobile tools to make mental healthcare universally affordable, acceptable and accessible for everyone.

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Talksession will be the future of teletherapy.

What if you could get expert guidance or a professional reality check from the comfort of your own home?

...Or, what if talking to a therapist were easier, more accessible, and more acceptable?

TalkSession, in partnership with GE and StartUp Health Academy, is developing powerful technology alongside some of NYC’s leading mental health specialists to deliver universal access to quality mental health care.

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Meet Dr. Dillon. He is a psychiatrist, specializing in addiction, and is one of TalkSession's trusted, peer-referred network of leading mental health specialists.

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What's next?

OpenSession is a panel series that will bring together top mental health professionals, as well as a diverse range of healthcare experts and policy makers to discuss today's most pressing issues about mental health.

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